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Domain name registration

How to register A domain Name

As a service to my clients, I will register the domain name for you through our provider webcity.com.au at cost.
The current rate for 2 years domain name registration is $ 22.50

The domain name registration of $ 22.50 is included in the website deal for $ 760 Requirements To Register .au Domain Names

In order to register an Australian domain name .au certain requirements have to be met.

Names without the .au extension do not have these requirements as outlined below.


Domain Names can be from 2 to 63 characters long.

Numbers and letters are valid characters, spaces are not allowed.
Words can be separated by hyphens. http://www.your-domain-name.com.au


.COM.AU and .NET.AU extensions identify you as an Australian business. It is therefore necessary to provide your ABN or ACN when registering your domain name.

Sole traders and companies may apply for .COM.AU and .NET.AU names.

Restrictions apply as to what name can be used. The following is a list of Criteria which need to be considered in the choice of a name.


  • An exact match of the business name or trademark
  • An abbreviation of the business name or trademark
  • An acronym of the business name or trademark
  • Product that the business manufactures or sells
  • A service that your business provides



Any non-commercial registered Australian entity is eligible.

The .asn.au domains are normally reserved for incorporated associations, political parties, trade unions, sporting and special interest clubs. An example is the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry who have registered the domain 'www.acci.asn.au'.

The following criteria must be met:


  • A program that the business administers
  • An activity that your business facilitates, teaches or trains
  • A service that your business provides
  • A venue that the business operates
  • A profession that is practiced by the business' employees or members
  • An event that your business organises or sponsors



The .org.au domains are normally reserved for charities and non-profit organisations, eg. clubs, churches, community, welfare, and charity type groups. An example is CARE Australia who have registered that domain 'careaustralia.org.au' Please note that any non-commercial Australian entity is eligible. You must supply us with the name of your Organisation that the domain will be registered for.

An ABN/ACN/ABRN or ARSN is not required to secure your domain, but it is preferred if you could supply one. Your ABN/ACN/ABRN or ARSN must specify that you are a registered charity or non-profit organisation.


Intended for individuals who reside in Australia, no ABN/ACN/ABRN/ARSN required. Applicants must meet the following criteria:

The domain name must include the individuals real name or be derived from the individuals real name.
Examples: http://www.johnsmith.id.au, http://www.jsmith.id.au or http://www.js.id.au etc.

All this is included. 

And here is more.

  • Domain name registration for 2 yeas.
  • Web hosting for 1 year.
  • CMS (Content Management System)
  • Optimisation for search engines.
  • Major search engine submission.
  • Contact form.
  • Location map with driving directions.
  • 5 Email addresses.
  • Auto responder.
  • Mailing list.


  • We register the domain name for you.
  • We arrange the hosting for you.
  • We advise you how to configure your mail client.
  • We setup your emails for you.
  • We upload the site to the server.
  • We test and edit until everything is 100%
  • We provide you with support as needed.
  • We backup all data for you.
  • We keep a log of all locations and access detail.
  • You will be in possesion of all data and in full control of your site.