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Excel Trade Quote Template.

With self incrementing serial number.

Produce Appealing quotes for your customers in a few minutes.

Skill level requirements: Most basic computer skills.

Application: Suitable for various tradespeople.

An easy to use spreadsheet. No excel expertise required.
If you can use the internet and fill in a form, you can use this.

This Template is based on our free quote sheet with some very nifty extra features.

This spreadsheet was designed with Australian trades people in mind but is
also suitable to be used in other english speaking Countries due to the easy to
configure tax labels and tax rates.
You can create a tidy well presented job quote every time without the distraction
of layout creation and adding up numbers.

Quick Overview.

This Excel Workbook consists of 4 worksheets.
One sheet contains configuration data like your business details.
The other 3 worksheets contain different components of a quotation. These sheets
are designed in a way that you have choice of printing only one page that shows the summary
of all pages or you can can print all 3 pages to present more detailed information. Either way is quick and easy.
This quotation document contains all the features you find in the free download plus the following:
This document contains Visual Basic code. This means you need to allow your system to run Macros.

  1. Customisation via 2 input forms when the document is opened for the first time
  2. Automatic placement of the template on  the desktop.
  3. Permanent date entry at creation time.
  4. Automatically incrementing quote serial number.
  5. Automatic file naming using the customer name and serial number.
  6. Automatic creation of a storage folder for the quotes.

Quick user guide.

When you open the document for the first time the application will ask for the following permission:
System is now creating a folder on your C:\ drive called Quotes.
When you click OK the folder will be created and a form asking for your Business Details will pop up.
After submssion of this form another form will pop up asking for more information that will configure the
worksheet to your needs. After submission of the second form a message comes up letting you know that the
process is complete. After clicking OK the document will close.

Creating your first quote:

You can now go to the desktop where you should find a document called New Quote. You are now ready to start creating quotes.
Just double click on the "New Quote" and the Excel document will open on the start page. First enter the customer's details, then click on the
"Update Quote Number" button. This will increment the quote number, name and save your quote in the folder "Quotes".
You can now move on to the quote sheet and start entering data.


The spreadsheet consists of 4 pages.

  • On page one you can enter materials. All prices will be calculated
    and added as you enter the item.
  • Page two has 3 different sections for work descriptions, Jobs
    calculated at hourly rate, jobs calculated at ²m rate.
  • Page 3 has extra space for additional work descriptions and
  • Page four is where you can enter the customisation data like
    hourly labour rate, GST and your business information. This sheet is
    normally hidden, so you need to right click on the sheet tabs and select
    "unhide" . You can also use the command button to bring up the
    customisation forms.


Excel Quote Template page 1

Excel Quote Template page 2

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Excel Quote Template download.
This template was saved in compatibility mode (.xls) and will work with new and old  Excel versions.
Last updated: 22/11/2012 (Version 1.03)

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Important note! 

System requirements for this template to work: Microsoft Excel 97 or later, Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8. You must enable Macros.
This download contains unsigned Visual Basic code. You have our assurance
that no Malicious code or Spyware is included if directly downloaded from our site.

This template will not work:
With Samsung tablets that don't have a windows operating system and use a third party application that allows to edit and view excel files.

The template is not recommended for the following:
Tablets and phone devises unless they run a MS Windows operating system and MS Excel.
For use with excel viewing applications.
Third party Excel editing applications like Polaris Office.

The serial number function of this template utilises Macros. The code will only execute in the Windows Excel environment. 

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