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Countries and Regions Database.

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If you are an on-line developer you can spend days or weeks putting together all this data or you can do it in 2 minutes by importing our data to you MySql database or if you like to any other type of database.

Need a database with Countries, regions or states, World currency names, Country codes and country flags?

Here it is, all in one download. Don't spend days or weeks compiling a database, just use our ready to go tables. Was produced for a real life website's on-line registration page, allowing visitors from all over the world to register and select their locations level dependent drop-down boxes. Please note, this is a database only, no code is included. This database is essential if you wish to build an on-line application that needs to relate the users location to currency and flag information.

Here is a list of download contents:

  1. CSV file containing country names, alpha 2 country codes, alpha 3 country codes, currency names and codes and nations flag image name.
  2. CSV file containing states or regions and alpha 2 country codes belonging to the related countries.
  3. 2 .sql files with the same data as the above CSV files.
  4. Microsoft Access database with the same data.
  5. Image folder with 239  national flag images. (.png thumnail images, approx. 22X15 pix)

Database tables:

The first database table columns are named as follows:

  1. alpha2
  2. alpha3
  3. country
  4. currency name
  5. currency code
  6. flags

The second database table columns are named as follows:

  1. country. (alpha 2 code of the related Country name)
  2. region name. (containing 4267 states or regions)

National Flags:

We have 239 national flags images in a folder with names matching the names in the database. All images are in .png format and approx. 22X15 px in size.


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Countries and Regions database download.

CountriesRegionsV2.zip containing:
flags (folder containing 239 flag images)

Last updated: 07/12/2012 (Version 2)

This download remains open for 1 Year and entitles you to download 6 updates during that period.

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Important note! 

After downloading this file you will be entitled to 6 more downloads over a period of 1 year.
We made every effort to make this database as accurate and complete as possible but we
don't guarantee completeness and full accuracy. The world is a dynamic place and political
changes are frequent and some boundaries and names may be disputed by some parties.
Any inaccuracies that may exist are purely due our limitations and not our political views.
We kindly ask people who are actively involved in political disputes not to take offense if our
database does not reflect their wishes, contact us instead and let us know of required changes.

Version 2 changes.

Changes were made to reflect the the new political situation of Sudan and South Sudan since Southern Sudan officially became
the independent Republic of South Sudan on the 9 July 2011.

The following items were added or changed in the database.

South Sudan was added to the country list.
South Sudan Flag was added to the images directory.
South Sudan currency added.
South Sudan States were added to the database.
Sudan states were added and edited.