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Peugeot DAM number calculator.

Peugeot DAM Number Calculator.

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Work out the exact day your Peugeot was manufactured by entering your DAM number, the spreadsheet will return the build date in an instance.

We were commissioned by the LIONTAMER.NET forum to create this document
and offer it for sale. All proceeds of sales go to Liontamer.net and Peugeotlogic.com.
By purchasing this download you help keeping these 2 websites alive.

Please be assured the file does not contain any viruses nor any other
little nasties.

Peugeot DAM number converter

Condition of use.

You may download this file for your own use only. 
This file must  not be redistributed.

Purchase  Here. AU $ 1.50

For older Excel versions 1997 to '03:  peugeotdamnumbers.xls 267 KB

For latter Excel versions, '04 on: peugeotdamnumbers.xlsx 248.82 KB 

Ho to use the calculator:

Do not enter the last 2 digits of the DAM number. The last 2 digits are
manufacturing plant identifiers.

About this DAM number.

We built this calculator at request from LIONTAMER.NET with information given from the guys at LIONTAMER.NET

The DAM number is directly related to the build date of
the vehicle. It is not a number that is unique to a vehicle
it is unique to a calender day. Every vehicle leaving the factory on a particular day will receive the same number. The way we understand, Peugeot started counting days of production on a specific date and this number was named the DAM (Date Année Modification) The acronym was derived from the French meaning and has left many people in the English speaking world guessing. This could just be the right answer to this little mistery.

Since the DAM simply counts the days from a set date, it was rather easy to produce a spreadsheet with a formula that counts the days from that date and displays the date.

We have actually tested the calculator by comparing the results with vehicles where the DAM and exact build date was known. For this reason we are certain that thing actually works. However this is: This little gadget comes without guarantee. And no responsibility will be taken for any damages that may arise from the use of this free calculator. Use it at your own risk. 

The use of the DAM number, build date calculator is straight forward and does not require any instruction.
Just download it and open the Excel file. As long as you got a version of MS Excel on your computer that can run it, you should be OK