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Free Websites for Charities
Are you a charity or non profit organisation?

We are giving away a limited number of websites for free to support organisations that work for the wellfare for others.

Talk to us know.

All enquiries from non profit organisations will be given due consideration.

Home Page Layout and design.

Page Layout and Design

Look and Style

From Look and Style point of view we aim to build your website as close as possible to your requirements.
Your input is vital and the first thing we need from you to start the process is a brief with as many details as possible.


For every website we build we design a custom Joomla CMS template and also a static HTML/CSS based page layout.
The code for both is W3C compliant and the pages will display well on most browsers. This will ensure a professional
look regardless of your visitors' web browser or operating system.


Once your site is completed and live we backup all data and information relating to your site.
Items like hosting access, domain name registrant and CMS log-in will be entered in a text file.
All files will be handed to you. Everything that makes your site tick will be your property and you
will be completely independent from us if you wish.

Location of files

Where will the website be located?
All your website files will be stored on the host computer. The host computer is a web server that is accessible by the public via
your domain name, *www.yourdomain.com.au*
A copy of all files will be given to you and we also retain a backup. This will ensure your site can be restored should something go
wrong on the server. The need for a manual site restoration is very rare as all servers have their own backup and usually they recover
from a crash in a short time without us even  knowing.


All this is included. 

And here is more.

  • Domain name registration for 2 years.
  • Web hosting for 1 year.
  • CMS (Content Management System)
  • Optimisation for search engines.
  • Major search engine submission.
  • Contact form.
  • Location map with driving directions.
  • As many addresses as required.
  • Auto responder.
  • Mailing list.


  • We register the domain name for you.
  • We arrange the hosting for you.
  • We advise you how to configure your mail client.
  • We setup your emails for you.
  • We upload the site to the server.
  • We test and edit until everything is 100%
  • We provide you with support as needed.
  • We backup all data for you.
  • We keep a log of all locations and access detail.
  • You will be in possesion of all data and in full control of your site.