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Free Websites for Charities
Are you a charity or non profit organisation?

We are giving away a limited number of websites for free to support organisations that work for the wellfare for others.

Talk to us know.

All enquiries from non profit organisations will be given due consideration.

Home Search Engine Optimisation

Search engine optimisation (SEO)

Optimising your site

Here is what we do so your site can be found by search engines.

  1. Carefully choose certain words in the page content, particularly on the front page.
  2. Use headings that are relevant to search words that are likely to be used.
  3. META key words, and page description. That's data in the header of the page not visible to the ordinary viewer.
  4. We will create a site map. This  makes Google very happy.
  5. Register your domain with major search engines.
    1. Google
    2. Yahoo
    3. Bing
  6. Create a Google webmaster account dedicated to your site.
  7. Create a robots file to assist search engines in crawling your site.
  8. Configure the CMS for search engine friendly URL.


All this is included. 

And here is more.

  • Domain name registration for 2 yeas.
  • Web hosting for  year.
  • CMS (Content Management System)
  • Optimisation for search engines.
  • Major search engine submission.
  • Contact form.
  • Location map with driving directions.
  • As many addresses as required.
  • Auto responder.
  • Mailing list.
  • Slide viewer.
  • We register the domain name for you.
  • We arrange the hosting for you.
  • We advise you how to configure your mail client.
  • We setup your emails for you.
  • We upload the site to the server.
  • We test and edit until everything is 100%
  • We provide you with support as needed.
  • We backup all data for you.
  • We keep a log of all locations and access detail.
  • You will be in possesion of all data and in full control of your site.